Goodbye Until Tomorrow

This is a little over due but I just couldn’t bring myself to write it sooner.

The Final Shot

The Final Shot

On May 8th, 2010… The Last Five Years finished it’s 2 week run. It’s still kind of hard to accept just because I was engulfed by it. Every aspect of this show, I was completely involved in and now it’s done and I’m left with the typical feelings of “now what do I do?” To wrap up this show’s experience…one word: Solid. Probably wasn’t what you were expecting but I feel it describes the show so well given the circumstances.

"I'm never worried to walk the wire"

"I'm apart of that........aren't I?"

"I do"

We faced a lot with this production, a two person musical! I mean, come on… that’s a lot of weight to throw on two actors… and this music is NOT easy. Our pit was larger than the cast. However, the cast, the crew and the pit, as most would probably agree, were absolutely phenomenal. I can’t thank you enough Mary ‘Meme’ Hussey, Dustin Williams, Heather Bales, Wes Ballard, Debbie Rush, Steve Howard, Tim Ecchols, Jeremy Peyton Bryant and Julie Austin-Witcher.

Cast, crew, pit (minus Steve Howard+Tim Ecchols)

Closing Night Cast and Pit(minus crew and Tim Ecchols+Steve Howard)

We also faced trials and tribulations with the set. We made it work though with a few changes here and there. I ended up very happy with our design, the lighting… and Renaissance Theatre could not have been better to work with. They were open and willing to do anything we needed for this particular show. Pam, Tom and Mike… thank you. We also had help in our construction with the likes of Jared Mink, Tim Osgood(gorgeous painting on the clock), Dustin Williams, Jon Robertson(always there for the helping hand) and of course our go to man for just about anything, Gene Williams. I can’t go any further without thanking the production staff. Carolyn Wagner, the poster was incredible,  Johnny for his efforts towards our website and other production material(thanks for the last minute adjustments), all the ushers, Jon Robertson(again, there for anything), our box office manager Sarah Shutt, our team mom who can do ANYTHING Mrs. Wanda Williams and of course our producer and Artistic Director, Dustin Williams. Without you all… obviously I would have gone nuts.

Pre Show

I’d also like to thank you, the reader… our friends, our supporters, our loved ones and the people who just partake as audience members… theatre doesn’t happen without people like you. I also wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t pay respect and honor a man we lost during the process, Mr. Barry Hussey. We lost Barry the weekend we were supposed to open and we couldn’t thank you all enough for staying with us, supporting the show with all the changes. Meme’s father probably would have wanted us to continue that weekend and have his daughter perform at her best but alas, we changed the dates and everyone was very gracious and supportive to Meme and her family. Thank you.

One show closes… and a SEASON BEGINS! Sure Last Five Years has closed but right now Grey Gardens, the only musical in the world based off a documentary, is up and running. Dustin is at the helm for this one, Sarah Shutt is stage managing and let me tell you, they are flying! This show is going to be incredible… and it’s based off of reality. The show is the true story of Jackie Onassis’ aunt and cousin, two debutantes in our society store themselves away in a mansion in the East Hamptons called Grey Gardens and live as hermits. The musical is based on the documentary by the same name and follows Edith “Big Edie” Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale in their home, their daily routine and their lifestyle. Considered outcasts by most to society but now have been seen as visionaries. Show dates will be in July so keep posted for the location and dates!

Also this summer, look out for productions such as Laramie Project and the musical Bare: A Pop Opera. Keep checking back periodically because we have a lot of plans and ideas for this summer! Get stoked, because we are.

-A humble director

Aaron Farr, Wolfbane Production Coordinator

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