Past Shows

So Dustin and I decided to post some pics of Wolfbane’s past shows prior to this season. Shouldn’t be difficult because we only have two so far! First up is  Bat Boy: The Musical Directed by Dustin Williams, Music Director DaShay Glover, Design by Dustin Williams and Technical Director Aaron Farr. The Show was a huge hit starring Brad Southards(Bat Boy),

Bat Boy

Bat Boy

Mary ‘Meme’ Hussey(Shelley), Nora Moore(Meredith Parker), Larry Cox(Dr. Parker),

Reverse Brokeback?

John C. Nagy III(Sheriff Reynolds), Aaron Farr(Rick/Lorraine/Pan/Mr. Dillon/Meredith’s Father),

Our director has lost it

Ray Jones(Mrs. Taylor/Roy/Rev. Hightower/Institute Man), Bailey Anderson(Ruthie/Maggie),




Kate Woodley(Ron/Clem/Jackie), Rachel Tolsma(Bud/Doctor 2), Lisa Dunn(Daisy/Doctor 1) and Kenda Turner(Ned)

Stage all lit up!

and Michelle Velastegui as Stage Manager with Ashley Byrne Assistant Stage Managing.

Mrs. Taylor

This past summer we brought Jekyll & Hyde, the musical version, to Lynchburg. It was directed by Katherine Woodley, Music Direction by DaShay Glover, Design by Kristin Showalter, Set Construction by Aaron Farr and Stage Direction by Crystal Bonham

Designed by Carolyn Wagner

Starring Dustin Williams(Jekyll/Hyde), Brittany Adair Atkins(Emma), Mary ‘Meme’ Hussey(Lucy), Bill Bodine(John Utterson),


Casey Carden(Sir Danvers Carew), Jon Roberston(Spyder/Simon Stride), Libby Gatzke(Lady Beaconsfield/Nellie),

Henry Jekyll

Dave Steele(Bishop/Bisset/Ensemble), Tim Osgood(Sir Archibald Proops/Poole/Red Rat Girl/Priest/Ensemble),

Rehearsal shot of "Murder, Murder"

Hyde in the act, Rehearsal shot

Aaron Farr(Lord Savage, Red Rat Boy, Newsboy, Ensemble), Scott Rankins(Gen. Glossop/Ensemble),


Bev Owens(Red Rat Girl/Ensemble), Heather Bales(Red Rat Girl/Ensemble),


Lucy's Funeral

Ashley Noonan(Red Rat Girl/Ensemble) and Gene Williams as Mr. Jekyll, Henry’s father.

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